Some of our clients

Below you will find a list of some of our clients. We have completed a variety of work for each of these clients ranging from;

  1. Computer Repair Services

  2. Complete Video Security Systems

  3. Website Design

  4. Software Design

  5. Database and Data Warehouse

  6. Data Recovery

  7. Hardware upgrade and replacement


Donnie Rowe
GM of Lingan Golf Club

"I was first introduced to Chant's IT Solutions while I was at Bell Bay Golf Club and we were having network issues that had the club at a stand still. Our current IT Professional was unreliable so I contacted their firm who was quickly able to get to Baddeck from Sydney and solve the problem. Since then, they have been the only call I make when faced with a problem."

"When I moved to Lingan Golf Club two years ago I knew right away that I would be calling Chant's IT Solutions to provide the same service. Here they faced issues such as the Pro Shop being detached from the main building but still needing network access, a main building that is over 70 years old and was not designed with a computer network in mind, and a canteen that is over 800 feet away from the main building but still needed to be connected. They were able to solve all of these issues and our network has never worked better."

"No matter what problem may present itself I feel totally confident that Chant's IT Solutions will be able to have me up and running faster that anyone else. I would highly recommend their services to anyone who uses a computer to conduct their business"

Sue Coghlan

"Developer and database architect extraordinaire."

"Their firm has designed an amazing database to take this site into the future. Their programming skills are unparalled and they made this site possible. Through all the late nights and weekends, They made it look easy when it wasn't. I have worked with many good developers on many projects and they are the best of the best."

"Thank you!"

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